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90-99 GM 3500 1 Ton & Conversion Control Arms
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These are the new MMW Chevy Dually Upper and Lower control arm set for the 90-99 Chevy Dually 3500 1Ton Trucks (88-98 Body Style Metal).   These arms are available in two versions, which you can choose below.  They can be made to fit the stock 1 Ton dually hub up front, in which the arms will be narrowed .750″ from stock.   Or, they can also be made to fit the Dually 3/4 Ton hubs, in which, they will be made 2.5 or 3"″ longer than stock, your choice!, to bring your track width in a full 1.5" per side to allow for lower ride height and more room between the fenders and tires for turning low on bigger wheels.   The 3/4 ton conversion front end conversion is one of our most popular setups, it allows for us to make you longer control arms, which improves camber change, ride quality and turning radius, and still allows for a narrower track width to drive nice and low when you want, and the inboard shock provies great dampening for the front ent.   You are able to use regular 1 ton drop spindles, regular 1 ton calipers for this conversion, all you need to purchase from your local parts store is 3/4 Ton Hub/Rotor combo in your year truck, and our arms will do the rest!  Highly reccomended for customers who are going to tuck dually semi wheels!

These arms are CNC cut from .500 plate mild steel, and all cups and bushings are made from DOM tube for a strong joint and long life.

The Upper arms feature a Jeebus Joint, that  will bolt directly into your spindle, with no modifications necessary, and will give you 16 degrees  more travel than your stock ball joints, and 8 degrees more travel than the other “uni-ball” style arms on the market.   They are fully MIG welded, and include poly busings, and sleves for a direct install.

The Lower arms are a Ball Joint style arm that will also directly bolt into your spindle.  The lower arms are fully MIG welded, and shock mounts are available upon request, at no extra charge.   The ball joint cups are machined from 3.00 OD DOM tube, and  are a tight & snug fit to the supplied ball joints.  The arms also come with poly bushings, and sleeves for a direct install.

Powder coat can be added to any order, as well as billet caps on the jeebus joints, for a truly unique milled billet control arm set!

Billet Caps come standard on all control arm orders.  

* Due to the heavy weight associated with the dually hubs, rotors, spindles, and wheels.  These arms are not reccomended for anyone wanting to "Hop" their truck.  I know many reading this will say...WTF?  Yes, i have been asked the question about hopping a dually, and i felt the need to put this disclamer in here.  The Arms, hubs, spindles, rotors, wheels... must have something under it at all times, to support the weight, preferably the ground.  Also, on a vehcile with this much wheel end weight, you allways want to have support under the wheel if you are lifting it up in the air as well, it should be common sence, but it needs to be noted.  Typical offset bag mounts need to be used on the standard 1 ton hub arms for instllation, unless you prefer to re-locate the spring pocket and lower mount, this offset will give you better lift, and a more stable bag placment.  In order to run the 3/4 ton conversion control arms, you will need to modify your firewall to accept the narrower track width of the arms, this is pretty common and called a firewall tub, when your laying larger wheel and tires, its what has to be done.    The arms ALLWAYS come standard with lower shock mounts, and you are driving your truck at your own risk if you decide not to use them.  Shocks are there for a reason, and we absolutely reccomend you use shocks up front with a vehicle this large, they do much more than make your ride comfortable, they are there for safety reasons as well.


These as well as all MMW control arms carry a lifetime warranty against weld and product failure, If there is even any kind of issue or problem with a MMW product we encourage to contact us directly via email, or by phone 989-750-2689.   We pride ourselves in knowing that we are producing the highest quality suspension products we can offer, and that each of our orders is built with our customers specific application in mind, and all ways remember Michigan Metal Works is the ORIGINAL home of all of your flat plate control arm needs,  other fly by night companies trying to match our look and design are just a poor imitation of the ORIGINAL.

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