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02-05 Dodge Ram 1500 Front End Kit
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The MMW control arm kit for the 02-05 Dodge Ram trucks will allow you to lay your Ram truck out on up to a 28" wheel, and still retain all the driveability to make it worth it!

The Michigan Metal Works feature a custom Jeebus Joint control arm that will allow you to gain up to 19 deegres of travel over the stock ball joints.  The Jeebus Joint is machined specifially to fit your stock or drop spindle on your ram truck, so it directly bolts in place, with no modification, and gains you far more travel than a stock ball joint OR a normal uni-ball setup from another company.   The upper arms are cut from .500 plate CR mild steel, on a CNC water jet machine, and fully TIG welded.  New poly bushings and bolt sleeves are included with each order.   For even more of a custom look.  Billet aluminum caps come standard on all orders.  
Jeebus Joint Upper Control Arms ( Tubular of Flat Plate)
- Teflon lined upper control arm bearing with CNC machined tapered shaft made from 4130 chromoly
- Graphite lined polyurethane bushings, with bolt sleeves
- Flat Plate upper arms are made from .500 plate steel, and fully stacked MIG welded
-Tubular Upper arms are made from 1.25" OD DOM tube and fully TIG welded.
- Narrowed Track Width
-Billet Upper Jeebus Joint Cap - MMW Logo
Flipped Lower Control arms (Tubular of Flat Plate)
-Moog K6293 Ball Joints
-Graphite lined polyurethane bushings with bolt sleeves
-Flat Plate lower arms are made from .500 Plate Steel and fully stacked MIG welded.
-Tubular Lower arms are made from 1.5" OD DOM tube and fully TIG welded joints.
-Narrowed Track Width
-Requires spindle to be "reverse reamed"  see out website for photos of process, or send into us with shipping info for the service done for free
Upper Control Arm Tab Kit / Upper Bag Mounts / Upper and Lower Shock Mounts
-Cut from .250 Plate material (NOTHING THINNER SHOULD BE USED)
-made with slotted tabs for adjustment over stock
-Logo Center Brace when applicable and space permits.
Flipped Steering Kit
-Teflon lined chromoly heim joints, with extra thick body (no skimpy shit!)
-CNC turned misalignment spacers.  Bottom spacer made as a "saftey" spacer and is larger for that purpose
-CNC Turned Adjustable Sleeve, with Flat Spots for Wrenches
Raw Metal Control Arm Kits are shipped un assembled, except for the Jeebus Joint which we install into the control arm standard.  Powder coated arms will come full assembled and ready for installation.  Arms are made custom to your spec, so let me know if you need any changes.
If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to email us whenever you like :


These as well as all MMW control arms carry a lifetime warranty against weld and product failure, If there is even any kind of issue or problem with a MMW product we encourace to contact us directly via email, or by phone 989-750-2689.   We pride ourselves in knowing that we are producing the highest quality suspension on the market, and that each of our orders is built with our customers specific application in mind, and all ways remember Michigan Metal Works is the ORIGIONAL home of all of your flat plate control arm needs,  other fly by night companies trying to match our look and design are just a poor imitation of the ORIGIONAL.


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