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01-10 GM HD Full Front End Kit
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This is the Michigan Metal Works full front end kit for the 01-10 Chevy / GMC HD 3500/2500 Trucks.   This kit is not like any other kit on the market for these vehicles, and it completely addresses the suspension issues that these trucks have, that are completely different from most model year 2500/3500 GM trucks in history.  It will retain factory alignment specs at 2" ride height, and produce 10-12" worth of lift with shocks installed.  

This kit is a full front end kit that will indlude the following parts:

Jeebus Joint Upper Control Arms 

  • Tubular Construction 
  • Fully TIG welded
  • Teflong Lined 4130 Turned CNC hardware
  • Poly Bushings
  • Hardware Sleeves

Flipped Ball Joint Lower Control Arms

  • Tubular Construction
  • Fully TIG welded tube joints
  • MOOG HD Lower Ball Joints
  • Poly Bushings
  • Lower Bag Mounts
  • Lower Shock Mounts
  • Hardware Sleeves

Control Arm / Bag Mount / Shock Mount Combo bracket

  • Cut from all .250 plate steel.
  • Made to fit your frame specifically with no need for frame "plating"
  • Alignment pins for easy camber and caster adjustment

Steering Kit 

  • Chromoly HD Heim Joints
  • Grade 8 hardware
  • CNC turned alignent spacers

Heat Treating / Welding / Post Cooling Shop Labor

  • Stock Spindles are provided to us by customer
  • We modify the spindle to properly work with this vehicles suspension
  • Pre-Heat for proper welding strength
  • Steering Drop / Lower Spindle Ream 
  • Post Cooled in oven for controlled, slow cool down with no cracking
  • Custom pays for return shipping (included in online quote)

This is is the proper way to lay your 01-10 HD truck out on 22" or 24" semi truck wheels, and still retain all of the driveability.  The kit will come with a basic installation guide, and part number details.  The kit WILL require cutting and welding on your vehicles frame.  Spindles must be shipped to us in a timley manner of your order will have delays, your shipping quote window is based off of WHEN WE RECIEVE YOUR SPINDLES , NOT YOUR ORDER DATE.    If you have any questions at all, please contact us at  

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Like every Michigan Metal Works product, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products and welds!

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