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Installation / Maintenance

All MMW products are shipped via UPS or USPS unless otherwise arranged.  Once you receive your items, you need to immediately open the box to verify that you have received your entire order.  Due to how heavy our items are, we occasionally ship in two seperate boxes, so please inventory all boxes when received.   

All products are intended to be installed by a professional or certified mechanic at all times, No excuses.   Failure to have product installed properly, can result in premature product wear or permanent damage to product or vehicle.  After replacing any item on your suspension, it is 100% necessary to have a front end alignment for your vehicle, this is not an "in your driveway" alignment, it needs to be done by a professional.   Failure to install products properly will immediately void your warranty. 

Jeebus Joint Maintenance Tips:

-Jeebus Joints are a sealed and teflon lined bearing, they require no internal maintenance, the internal lubrication of the teflon lining is all the bearing needs. Please do not put any foreign lubrication into the bearing, it will cause premature wear.

-The only real maintenance you will need to perform to your jeebus joint bearing control arms will be wiping down the underside of the cup occasionally once or twice a year if you live in dusty or muddy conditions.

Delrin Bushing Maintenance Tips:

-All MMW control arms now come with Delrin Bushings. This is a huge product upgrade over the polyurethane bushings we used to have standard on our control arms.  Most powder coated arms will come with bushings installed already, but if you are installing your bushings for the first time, we recommend a small amount of internal lubricant to make assembly easier.  Once the bushings are installed on the control arm, the only maintenance you will need to perform, will be to lubricate the outside of the bushing surface that comes into contact with the frame of the vehicle, we like to coat that area in grease prior to the first install, that is typically all the maintenance you need.  Delrin bushings are known for the very very long life span, and will not break down over time like polyurethane.

- If you damage or crack a delrin bushing, it is recommended to contact us immediately for a replacement part.  Using a damaged bushing can cause big issues, please inspect regularly. 

Ball Joint Maintenance Tips:

-Most of our MMW Lower control arms and some of our upper control arms come with traditional ball joints.  In most instances these ball joints will have grease zerks installed already.  It is recommended to grease these ball joints regularly, with typical HD lithium grease. This is something that should be done ever 5000 miles on a bagged vehicle that sees suspension limits regularly. 

Tie Rod Maintenance tips:

-MMW Tie Rod kits again use teflon lined chromoly spherical rod ends.  These are maintenance free, and DO NOT get external lubrication. Installation of aluminum sleeve onto the steel inner tie rod, requires anti-seize installed, please do not go over board.