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97-03 Ford F-150 / Expo Front End Package
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This is the new MMW front end kit for the 97-03 Ford F-150 Trucks.  This kit gives you everything necessary to lay your ford truck out on up to 26″ wheels, keeping stock spindle, and takes all the hassle out of the install.

97-03 Ford Front End Kit:

Jeebus Joint Upper Arm Pair:

  • Jeebus Joint upper Arms
  • Poly Bushings
  • Fully Welded
  • CNC Machined start to finish

Flipped Lower Arm Pair

  • Flipped Chevy Lowers
  • Lower bushings
  • Lower bag mount built into arm
  • Lower shock mount standard

Front End Bracket Kit

  • Raised Upper Arm Brackets
  • Upper Bag brackets, built for ford frame!
  • Upper Shock mounts

Flipped Steering Kit

  • Custom Machined Sleeve to adapt stock tie rods or full steering kit option.

This kit will allow you to lay previously difficult 97-03 F-150 truck out with ease,  and retain full drive ability with the kit, with MINIMAL bump steer.  Gone is the excessive camber that these trucks had previously been associated with, with the MMW kit you gain real drive ability, with minimal camber changes and minimal bump steer.   As with any custom suspension it is reqired to be installed WITH shocks, the lower mounts are built into the control arm, and we give you the upper shock mount with the kit, Please for the love of kidneys, install shocks.  The kit narrows the front track width a total of 2" up front, giving plenty of clearance for turning and driving low.  Necessary trimming of steering linkage necessary to accomidate track width adjustments.  The overall rim and tire size of your choosing will determine which spindle you will be best suited with, for most applications the stock spindle is the best choice, but for larger sized wheel tire combos, a drop spindle is also acceptable.  For kits that are needing more then 2" narrow, please email us for details.  If you plan to run 24 or 26" wheels please note your tire size on the check out page order info, so we can set the arm up properly for you, without this, we will set the arm up with the default angles and clearances for 22x10.  

When you choose for the arms to be powder coated, you also are getting billet jeebus joint covers as well that will be milled with the "M" logo, all in the same price!  This option makes for an extremely unique control arm that absolutely nobody besides MMW can offer!  We offer these in tubular or flate plate constuction, both are identical in performance, so please make your choice on the check out page, if not specified we will ship first availble.  Tubular arms come with loose shock tabs, for you to weld in place in your desired location.

Choosing the budget version, changes your Jeebus Joint upper arms to a regular ball joint upper arm.  It limits your wheel size to a 24, but saves you 200$!



These as well as all MMW control arms carry a lifetime warranty against weld and product failure, If there is even any kind of issue or problem with a MMW product we encourage to contact us directly via email, or by phone 989-750-2689.   We pride ourselves in knowing that we are producing the highest quality suspension products on the market, and that each of our orders is built with our customers specific application in mind, and all ways remember Michigan Metal Works is the ORIGINAL home of all of your flat plate control arm needs,  other fly by night companies trying to match our look and design are just a poor imitation of the ORIGINAL.

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