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86-93 Mazda B-Series Arm Set
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The Michigan Metal Works upper and lower arm set for the 86-93 Mazda B-Series trucks, will allow you to bolt these up to your frame and have the travel necessary to lay out on a 20 or even 22, and actually be able to untuck the wheels as well, and since we know that having enough lift to clear your wheels is as important as enough drop to lay on your wheels, that is a good feature that most other companies ignore with this truck.   When ordering these arms, please specify if you are using drop spindles or stock spindles in the drop down boxes. All spindle tapers, excluding S-10 or Toyota options, will be sent over sized and require you to ream your spindle for proper fitment, This is done to increase the strength of the joint, allowing the travel needed for the suspension.  Please note that if you are ordering budget series arms your ball joint taper you select and the spindle type you note with your order must be compatable, if they are not we will default to the drop down menu selection.  Budget Series arms with Mazda upper ball joint selection will use a SCREW in upper ball joint which requires your spindle to be reamed, and a bolt in lower ball joint that your drop spindle provides for you.    Budget Series Mazda for stock spindle will use screw in upper ball joint, which requires your spinlde to be reamed for installation, to get necessary travel needed for bagged trucks that the stock upper ball joints cannot get.  

When choosing powder coat, you are also including FREE billet caps on the Jeebus Joint version arms, which will come ball milled with the "M" logo into them, or at no extra charge.

The Mazda control arm package includes:


  • Jeebus Joint upper control arm pair
  • Fully CNC x-shafts
  • Necessary bushings and washers to install
  • Widened control arm to allow better bag placment


  • Ball Joint Lower control arms, with slotted lower bag mounts
  • Triangulated conversion pieces, ditches the strut rod on the stock lowers, gets mucho travel!
  • All poly bushings and hardware to install.


When ordering the upper and lower arms you can get them in many different configurations, please make sure to specify them in the drop down boxes when you order.  Remember none of these options come with an additional charge, so get them exactly how you want them and dont worry about any extra fees.

Upper arms can be ordered in any of these ball joint tapers:

  • Stock Mazda Taper (mazda drop spinle taper IS DIFFERENT Both will be sent oversized for a ream fit to accomidate)
  • Toyota Taper
  • S-10 Taper

Lower arms can be ordered in any of these arrangments

  • Stock mazda replacment
  • Toyota screw in lowers
  • S-10 Flipped Ball joint


These as well as all MMW control arms carry a lifetime warranty against weld and product failure, installation will require modification of your stock frame, welding is required to convert the stock radius arm suspension to the A-Frame lower suspension.  Depending on frame type upper arm mounting points may need modified as well.  It is your responsibility to tell us when ordering what model B-Series you have, if you leave this information out, you will recieve B-2000 frame spec components by default.  Control arm design is limited to 8" of travel, which should be limited by shocks at all times. If there is even any kind of issue or problem with a MMW product we encourace to contact us directly via email, or by phone 989-750-2689.   We pride ourselves in knowing that we are producing the highest quality suspension products we can offer, and that each of our orders is built with our customers specific application in mind, and all ways remember Michigan Metal Works is the ORIGIONAL home of all of your flat plate control arm needs,  other fly by night companies trying to match our look and design are just a poor imitation of the ORIGIONAL.

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