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H3 Adjustable Tubular Upper Arm Set
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The Michigan Metal Works adjustable upper control arms for the H3 platform are now available In an adjustable and non adjustable version as noted on the right site of the options menu on this screen.

Our Adjustable Tubular arms are a great replacment for the non-servicable upper control arm that the H3 vehicle are given from the factory.  The new arms are designed to be adjustable so you can dial in your alignment for your suspension modification, including small lifts to accomidate larger tires.   The arms are constructed from thick wall DOM tubing and are TIG welded, designed to take a beating.  The adjustable end is composed of teflon lined, chromoly lined heim joints, with thick bodies, and the adjustment spacers are zinc coated for a long life.  The business end of the control arm features a large 2.25" Teflon lined Spherical bearing.  These bearings are the same types used in offoroad desert trucks, so they are designed to take any and all abuse that you can dish out to them.  They are fully servicable should you ever wear one out, you can simply replace the bearing and be good to go.  The hardware used in the spherical bearing is all CNC turned 4140, desighed for years of use.  

The arms are built to have a mid travel length of the OEM control arms.  Adjustment in our out of the heim joints on the ends will determine your camber and caster amount, up to 1" of adjustment either way is provided.

The NON adjustable version is 100$ less then the adjustable version, and is made from plate steel.  The bushings are fixed length at .600 longer then stock to correct any minor camber issues created when having a small lift.  The bushings used are graphite impregnated polyurethane, and have a long life compared to OEM rubber.   These arms are made for the H3 Vehicle, and are not intended to be swapped onto any similar chassis, as we do not test them as such.  Purchasing them for any other application then a H3 platform is at your own discression, and not acceptable for a return. 

These as well as all MMW control arms carry a lifetime warranty against weld and product failure, If there is even any kind of issue or problem with a MMW product we encourage to contact us directly via email, or by phone 989-750-2689.   We pride ourselves in knowing that we are producing the highest quality suspension products we can offer, and that each of our orders is built with our customers specific application in mind, and all ways remember Michigan Metal Works is the ORIGINAL home of all of your flat plate control arm needs,  other fly by night companies trying to match our look and design are just a poor imitation of the ORIGINAL.

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