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Installation / Maintenance

All MMW products are shipped via UPS or USPS unless otherwise arranged.  Once you recieve your items, you need to immediatly open the box to verify that you have recieved your entire order.  Due to how heavy our items are, we occasionally ship in two seperate boxes, so please inventory all boxes when recieved.   Installing suspension components is reccomended to be done by a professional.  Installing a product incorrectly can result in damage to your vehcile and or injury.  Proper instllation includes a full front end alignment once completed.  

If you are attempting to install products on your own, please take note of the following.   

-All raw metal ordered items will come un assembled, meaning it is your responsibility to paint, and or seal the raw metal parts you recieve prior to intallation of your ball joints, and bushings and other accessories.  If you order yoru items powder coated, your stuff will come ready for installation, just lube and bolt in place.

-A hydraulic press of some sort will be required to install any press-fit ball joints. 

-Lubrication in the form of poly lube and or assembly grease is needed to install all poly bushings and metal bushing sleeves, if you feel like the bushings are hard to install, use more lube, they can easily be fitted by hand when lubricated properly and installed squarely.  To install bolt sleeves into bushings, it is easiest to again lube the sleeve, and then tap the sleeve in place with a rubber mallet AND THE BOLT INSTALLED IN THE SLEEVE as to not damage the wall of the sleeve.  If you simply beat the shit out of the metal sleeve with a hammer to get it in the bushing, you are doing it wrong, and you will have problems.   

-Lubricate your installation points on the frame.  When you bolt your arms into the tabs on the frame, use grease where the bushing and the metal of the frame come in contact, top and bottom, be generous with it, it will keep everything nice and quite and have a longer life.

-Jeebus Joints are designed to require NO REGULAR MAINTINENCE , they do not need greased, polished regularly like a typical ball in stock style ball joint.  Simply keep dirt from piling up on the joint itself, and enjoy.  If you try to grease your joint, or force any kind of lubrication into the bearing, you will ruin the joint, and your warranty will be void.

-Modifying your suspension is a serious undertaking, if you do not fully understand what you are doing, have a professional do the work.  I cannot stress this enough.  If you do not understand what you are doing, ask for help.   

-Proper front end alignment when you are done with the installation is a MUST not an option.  Dont skimp on this.

-If you have questions about installation or our products, as US!