Name Your Price Sale 2022!

ITS BACK!!  -  10 Year Anniversary of our Black Friday / Cyber Monday – Name Your Price Sale!!!  We did not have plans to do this sale again…. but here we are LOL.  We have been doing this sale for 10 Years now, kind of hard to believe, but its true.  This entire year has been a complete cluster-fuck, so we look forward to striking up some deals with people on parts they need!

Follow the directions below to score yourself some deals!!  PLEASE follow directions, the entire sale hinges on people actually following the directions and making this easy for us to strike deals with people!
Step 1: Like and Share This Post on Instagram or Facebook and make sure to tag us …. Do it now, we will wait, and WE WILL check to make sure before striking any deals! If you have not liked or shared the post one one of those two social media formats, we will NOT REPLY TO YOU!

Step 2: Browse our website, in the “Store” section

Step 3: Follow these directions closely! Find the item you want to purchase, and send an email to .  *VERY IMPORTANT* In the subject line of that email include  your FULL NAME you want on the order, along with “Name Your Price Sale” .  Next, in the body of the email be very specific and include these three things:

1. The specific items you want, with all options you would like included.
2. How you want to pay for the items (paypal, credit card, money order)
3. Your full shipping and billing address

NOTE: If there is something you know we sell, but it is not on our website (it happens) please provide a link to it on our FB page or IG page, and we will help you out with this!

Step 4: Wait for us to reply, we will start returning some emails over the weekend, If we accept your price, you will be given payment instructions. If we counter your offer, you can agree to the deal, or decline. The secret to this sale is to be reasonable with your offers!   Please keep your offers respectable, if you offer something like half price, we wont bother to return your email, we will mark it as spam and move on, and wont hear from you again.  It may be hard to believe, but there is not 50% markup on these kind of parts, most the time there might not even be 25%, also please keep in mind we have not raised our prices in close to 8 years of raw materials being increased across the board, if anything we have found ways to be more efficient and lowered prices on many kits.   Things like “budget” arms, we have very very very minimal markup on them to begin with because of how low we price them the rest of the year.  We always have fun with this sale, and we love to get people the products they want, and the price they want. The last offers and invoices for this sale will be sent December 2nd and ALL sales MUST be final by and paid by December 3th, unless an arrangement has been made, after this date all offers are void.  Please keep in mind when offering, If you plan to pay with paypal, credit card or debit card, there will be an additional 3% tacked onto your final sale to cover the fees from those payment processes.  If you wish to not pay those fees, you can pay us directly via PayPal  gift also!

The secret to this sale is, the more people involved in this sale, the lower the prices can go, so MAKE SURE TO SHARE THIS POST to get more people involved! Last year we were able to strike over 100 deals,   With this sale, EVERY order is quoted between 5-10 weeks from date of purchase to date of shipment, HOWEVER we have been working hard to build inventory in preparation for this sale, so many items MAY ship earlier then that quoted time frame.  We quote this window because of the HUGE amount of order volume we get this time of year.  Once your item ships you will be notified via of tracking info.  Please, read this paragraph again, so you understand the 6-12+ week wait period on all orders, we do our best to ship early but nothing slows us down more on getting orders out then replying to the same questions 100 times at the 4 week mark, wondering where the parts are.  We get these out ASAP, but they do take time with a sale this big!
Now lets say you took advantage of this sale last year, or any year, or have bought parts from us at any time over the years, and you still want in on the FREE stuff.  This is for you.  Take a picture of your truck with out parts installed on it, post it to our facebook page ( ) or our Instagram page @MichiganMetalWorks and make sure to tag us in the photo, and we will start selection random people to recieve free shirts, hats, stickers, gift certificates, or anything else we may find around the shop that you can use.
Thanks for all the support over the past year, and HAVE FUN!